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The Antares price is very attractively priced.  With the cost of $1109ppr, the estimated selling price is expected to be between $13xx – $14xx psf, which is markedly lower than the many other private condominiums around Mattar Road.  The Antares motivating selling price is featured to be the most affordable launch in the year 2019.

TypeSize (sqft)Price From ($)PSF From($)
1 Bedroom452 - 603$789,000$1,746
2 Bedroom657 -883$1,125,000$1,713
3 Bedroom Flexi883 - 1,023$1,550,000$1,756
3 Bedroom1,152 - 1,367$1,899,000$1,649
4 Bedroom1,367 - 1,604$2,250,000$1,646

Note: The prices listed above for The Antares is as a guide only.  Prices are subject to change and could be sold during the enquiry. The Antares website is not liable for any omissions, inaccuracies or/and dispute.

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